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December 6, 2011 UPDATE and a preview of what’s to come

January 2011

Latest news,   New revelations of Vatican cover up


Excellent article on Pedophilia & Celibacy

Toronto Globe & Mail (April 09/2010)(now only available to subscribers, Alternate link to the actual letter the article was based on

front page article on what the Vatican and Ontario Bishops knew about Prince in 1990-91.

This makes it clear that they had no concern for past or future victims. They also totally ignored their own policies as stated in from From Pain to Hope

prince & pope 00072

Journalism Professor files papers alleging that the Pembroke diocese new in 1960’s about Prince

Victims respond to Pembroke Diocese statement in regard to the released documents

prince & pope 6

Toronto Star Article

March 28, 2010

This is a story about what the Pembroke Dioceses and the Vatican new many years before Rev. Prince was convicted of sexually assaulting children.

Was this negligence or indifference ?

What is it when the Pembroke Diocese allows a pedophile priest to leave the country without any action taken to ensure the safety of other children?

What is it when the Vatican chooses to promote a known pedophile ?


Prince India 2000

Magnanimous Edifice - Millennium Jubilee Church 2000
Diocese of Eluru

Consecrated on 25th March, 2000 by
Most. Rev. Lorenzo Baldisseri,
Apostolic Nuncio to India & Nepal.

Inaugurated by
Rev.Msgr.Bernard A. Prince
Secretary General of Pontifical Mission Aid Societies, Rome

In the gracious presence of all Bishops of the State Andhra Pradesh